30 July 2008

Vintage Car Show

If I could have any old car I wanted, I would want this blue pickup. I know nothing but love everything about it. It just screams cool to me.

Buby craved better air on Sunday afternoon, so we took him to a classic car show at the county park. All 3 of us appreciate shindigs of this sort, so I'm thinking someday Bleu will, too. There were a handful of retired squad cars there, a playground, oldies music under the pavilion, and a horse show just around the bend. We stayed until it poured down on us.


Grandma DJ said...

buby has had the joy of so many adventures in his few years!! way to go mom and dad!! what great memories he (you too) will have!! love you forever

Lilypad Mom said...

I can see Buby being totally in his element there.