28 July 2008

i heart: my boy

Today was a lot. A lot of just in case. A lot of phone tag + f/u with doctors offices. A lot of rushing here or there. A lot of snacks + happy diversions. A lot of messes. A lot of "I'm proud of yous." A lot of what ifs invading my space as I drove 4 hours just me + my babies. Buby has a little "boo boo" as he'd say, but he's doing fine. He's my HERO that kid. Every day he amazes me. And that's really all I have the energy to write. I'll post some fun photos from the past few days though. That's my happy diversion before bed tonight.

1 comment:

Grandma DJ said...

buby is the best .. he just is!!
and mom is just as terrific for keeping it all together with love for her family!! love you forever