18 July 2008

Happy Birthday Dad

5.20.00. My eyes are half shut, but I love this photo of you.

Today you are 57. And the beloved Grandpa to five itty bitties. But once upon a time...

  • You took me to Perkins for hot cocoa while Mom worked.
  • You asked me to spell things for you, and I loved that.
  • You took me camping and fishing at Keuka Lake.
  • You helped me steer a dirt bike, and I crashed your hand into a tree.
  • You made piles, just like me, and saved everything. Just in case.
  • You endured endless lectures from me about sunscreen and cigs.
  • You gave me my height, speedy metabolism and big eyes.
  • And my stubbornness, strength and ability to function on little sleep.
  • You always offered to host the party.
  • You introduced me to Patsy Kline, Elvis, and Oldies But Goodies.
  • You taught me how to drive and were 'the nice one' about my accident.
  • You let me raid your sweater drawer in high school.
  • You were a stickler for table manners.
  • You sent me flowers at school on February 14th.
  • You shared my love of circus peanuts and caramel creams.
  • You asked that boys come to the door first and introduce themselves.
  • You made sure I had money whenever I left the house.
  • You told me I could call for a ride, any hour, no questions asked.
  • You spoke so highly of me to your friends, which made me feel good.
  • You pushed me to be the best at gymnastics, swimming and track.
  • You made me take karate, even though I fought you on it.
  • You hired the boy with long hair because it was important to me.
  • You agreed to drop me off around the corner in the yucky green van.
  • You gave me my first worry dolls and heart-shaped locket.
  • You taught me to be thankful for a roof over my head and food to eat.
  • You helped me move so many times I lost count.
  • You took me to the speedway and monster truck rallies.
  • You sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" at my birthday party.
  • You were the best dancer at Mark's wedding.
  • You bought me a violin even though I couldn't play well.
  • Ditto on the clarinet.
  • And the piano lessons, too. Sorry :(
  • You agreed to disagree on a whole list of things.
  • You taught me about hard work and perseverance.
  • You gave me my first car, a Volkswagen Rabbit.
  • You gave me away on my wedding day with such pride.


The MacKeigans said...

aw Jenny, this is a beautiful list!!! Happy birthday to your dear daddy! Love, Maria

graga said...

What a nice tribute you your dad.
Thanks and we love you!

Grandma DJ said...

.. i cried (as tom g. laughed at me) through the whole list it was so beautiful!! you are a loved man by grandbabies,family and friends! here's to many many more!!