17 July 2008

200 Miles

Photo of crocheted burger from Etsy will suffice until I upload.

We drove to Connecticut for a cheeseburger today. On a whim. It was looking to be a beeeeeautiful day for a Jeep ride, so we jumped at another chance to gallivant before My Sweets returns to the corporate jungle on Monday {me sad}. A while back he saw a special about this place on The Travel Channel. Someone somewhere said it was the best burger in the world, and that was good enough for us. I can now confirm this is true. As expected, it was a total dive in miniature form. But the little brick box with 3 booths and a counter was jam-packed with suits, townies and leisure folk all after the most mouth-watering steamed meat. Gas to and fro = $50. Brief stop at our favorite beanery across the bridge = $11. Three burgers, 2 Mug root beers + 1 jug of milk = $20. Thomas the Train "Toby" + basic stacking cups from a Toys R Us = $15. Spending the day with my lovelies = priceless.


Grandma DJ said...

the best of days with loved ones creating the best of memories is priceless indeed!! good for you guys!! love you forever

Anonymous said...

Another great burger....Port of Call in New Orleans...kind of a long drive but trust me..it is the most delicious burger I have ever had.