27 November 2007

What a Lady

Baby girl Bleu's 18 week snapshot from last Wednesday.
She was so acrobatic the technician had to focus on parts and measurements and not photos. But I do love this one of her crossing her legs. Just chilling. She's about 6 inches head to butt. She barely weighs anything, but I've gained about 14 lbs.


Graga said...

She's BEAUTIFUL! Thank you again for including us in this special day for your family.
We love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sykes said...

She shore is cute! Name???

Barefoot Princess & Family said...

i love the picture of the little lady!!! what did buby think of the pictures??

Grandma DJ said...

her pic is already hanging on my christmas tree ..another little cutie .. very blessed .. love you forever

Blue House Mom said...

Great photo. I love that her legs are crossed so sweetly.

Buby & Co. said...

YES, we have a very short (very secret) list of names we loves. But no decisions yet.

YES, Buby loved seeing Bebe on the screen. We had such great views of her in action that just didn't come through on the printouts.

Thank you all for your sweet CONGRATS!