14 November 2007

GIFT GUIDE: The Chef In Training

Buby & Co. is salivating over the new Williams-Sonoma Kids aprons for holiday. We particularly crave this boyish race car design, but there are plenty of others for les petite femmes. Mommy & Daddy already have aprons from W-S, and Buby has shown serious interest in all things chef-related lately. His big gift from Santa will be a kitchen, but some of us here are crazy picky, so the model is still to be determined. This apron, $24, monogrammed with his real name, would be the perfect side.


Lily Pad Mom said...

I was looking at some really cute ones at the WS outlet a couple of months ago, they are adorable.

Blue House Mom said...

Perhaps Santa will bring an apron when he drops off that play kitchen on Christmas Day!