20 May 2007

Happy 7 Years!

Welcome to Buby & Co.'s virtual Anniversary Party! Buby's parents will be married 7 scrumptious years on May 20th. Here is a look back at our wedding. It was cold and rainy that late May day, but we refused to move indoors. At precisely the moment when I reached the top of the grassy aisle and saw Buby's eventual dada standing at the end with a nervous smile and a tear in his eye, the rain drops stopped falling. And held back just long enough for us to recite our vows and capture the afterthoughts on film (ahh, remember a thing called film?). As soon as the limo doors opened and bride & groom ducked in to safety, the heavens opened up. (Graga says merci to Grandma V. for that). Some random facts about May 20th, 2000:

Wedding Party: 4 best friends, 3 brothers, 3 cousins, & 1 sis-in-law
Wedding Flowers: Purple lilacs and tulips
Wedding Bouquet: White lilacs and freesia

Wedding Song: "Slow Dancing" by U2
Wedding Cake: Whipped cream with custard and fresh raspberries
Post-Wedding: Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

PS Mom: Just click on an image to view all the little shots full size


Blue House Mom said...

Happy Anniversary! This post is beautiful. You are both beaming in the photos. How lucky that you've found each other!

Mom said...

Jenny, I know I said this before but I think it deserves repeating. Thank you for cherishing my son as much as I do .. for being such a wonderful daughter that I also cherish
And thank you both for Gavin who I also cherish beyond belief.
Love you three forever

love.boxes said...

Love this post and all the beautiful pictures! Happy Anniversary!