21 May 2007

Giddy Up

Buby visited a local horse racing museum this weekend. He was a riot running through all the exhibits, touching everything. There were kid-friendly games and horse statues he was allowed to play on. We found Buby was not so interested in the historical significance of sulkies or the nuances between trotters and pacers. Seriously, he's only 20 months. But this museum was a cool discovery (thanks to friend Alana), and we will be back. There is a Children's Education program that teaches 4-13 year olds all about horses. And we'll catch a live race or two this summer, which Buby is SURE to love. The museum is housed in an old Tudor-style mansion and boasts a rich collection of nearly 1,500 original works of fine art (pretty horse paintings), vintage jackets, caps, helmets, old sulkies and harnesses, and lots of ephemera (tickets and programs from past races). I stopped in the gift shop on the way out and bought Buby a bucket of horse figurines, fences and trees. Nehhh! Nehhh!
photo: google images

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